Abhilash P Cherian, FCA

Partner – Systems & Operational Audit

Abhilash is an esteemed fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), with an extensive career spanning more than twenty-two years, during which he has garnered significant expertise both in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and India. His professional journey has been marked by his exceptional skills and a broad spectrum of experience across diverse sectors, including Insurance, Real Estate, Taxation, Consultancy, Audit, and corporate solutions.

Abhilash held the pivotal role of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Al Wathba National Insurance Company (AWNIC), a prominent insurance powerhouse in the United Arab Emirates. During his tenure at AWNIC, Abhilash played a vital role in a remarkable transformation, elevating the company’s financial rating to a BBB+ in the UAE market. His financial acumen and strategic insights were pivotal in steering AWNIC towards this remarkable achievement.

Since the inception of AMA, Abhilash has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication and impeccable performance. His vast experience and the profound impact of his work at AWNIC have further fortified his reputation as a skilled financial professional. Abhilash’s commitment to delivering excellence in financial and corporate solutions continues to be a driving force in the success and growth of AMA. His achievements in the realms of finance, insurance, and corporate solutions underscore his impressive track record and unwavering commitment to his field.

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