Due Diligence

In this era where fraudulent or incorrectly represented financials are quite prevalent, it is important that an investor aims to get a deeper understanding by doing a critical and in-depth analysis of the target company. Every investment has its own level of risk and without due diligence, the investor may be unable to understand that correctly. A systematic process helps to ensure that buyers and other stakeholders are on the same page at the time of a purchase.

A well-articulated financial due diligence ensures that the key business drivers of the targeted firm are fully analyzed and risks and opportunities linked with the business are clearly represented to the investor. This enables the investor to decide on whether to proceed with the transaction; and if proceeding with the transaction, arrive at a suitable enterprise value that offsets the risk. AMA offers all kind of due diligence audit services to help you in making a decision to merge or acquire a company in the UAE without getting into any kind of post-transaction trouble.

Commercial due diligence

Commercial due diligence is a process through which the buyer reviews and analyses the target company’s historical and forecast performance from the perspective of its markets, its customers, its competitors and its internal capabilities. It therefore provides the buyer with a detailed and fact-based analysis of the target company’s strategic risks and opportunities, as well as a quantitative assessment of the growth projections used as a basis for the transaction.

Due diligence services for Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisition is the current trend that gradually works as a success command for corporate companies across the world. Business advisory firms take up mergers and acquisition as a complete procedure to restructure business and hold power to add considerable value to business.

Our team in AMA has expertise in deals, valuation strategy, corporate finance and thus incorporate their knowledge and experience to help our clients maximize the value of a transaction.  Our mergers and acquisitions (M&A) professionals come from various backgrounds having experience in investment /commercial banks, securities companies, accounting firms, and corporations, combining an extensive global network with local industry insights or other service line professionals to help you achieve in-organic growth through M&A. We offer a wide range of Mergers & Acquisition services starting from business valuation, negotiations and successful completion and take care of all requirements throughout the process.

Operational due diligence

Operational Due Diligence (‘ODD’) is a continuous and iterative process of formulating and testing the investment thesis, in order to co-create an actionable value creation plan. ODD is primarily forward looking and opportunity focused, it therefore complements the risk-oriented types of due diligence to maximize the return on M&A investments.

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