Internal Audit

The primary role of internal-audit (IA) functions is to help decision makers protect organizational assets and reputations, as well as to support operational sustainability—functions that have come under increasing pressure over the past year. 

The IA function focuses on offering assurance around business-process risks and controls. However, as risks have multiplied and become more complex, IA has been required to deliver a wider range of services, often on short notice.

Our approach at AMA can be accordingly tailored to an organization’s specific requirements and our services are as follows:

  • Support the client’s management team to set up a secure and effective internal control environment.
  • Provide information on the ways to manage fundamental operational risks.
  • Assist on the alignment of operational strategy and risk performance metrics with corporate objectives.
  • Examine the procedures and key structures that support good corporate governance.
  • Provide aid to the management and business awareness processes for efficient & focused practices.

Internal Audit Process

Benefits of outsourcing internal audit services are:

  1. Amplifies financial reliability and integrity
  2. Safeguards assets and reduce the possibility of frauds
  3. Compliance to Rules and Regulations
  4. Improves the Value and Accountability
  5. Scrutinizes the process of Risk Management

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