Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and legal disputes can potentially disrupt business operations, hurt reputation and lead to significant overheads. Experienced Litigation and Dispute Consultants can provide timely insight and clarity to help navigate risk and power business performance. AMA maintains a team of highly qualified experts in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. They apply decades of experience in the field to tailor unique solutions for your situation.

After studying the documents, our experts advise on the best strategy to file your case or put forward strategies to settle the matter. We are also adept at offering legal opinion by analysing the prospects of litigating a matter and also offer expert input on the course of civil or criminal litigation while concurrently arranging interlocutory orders.

Our expert negotiators can assist in negotiation and settlement with the disputing party as well as assist in mediation and arbitration proceedings. We are also well versed in the drafting of legal notices, plaints, applications, counter applications, written submissions, appeals, cassation, execution application and other related legal documentation.

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