Business Setup in Freezones

The UAE is home to around many Free Zones that facilitate diverse business operations across a variety of industries. These Zones have played a massive role in the UAE’s economic growth story, attracting global investments, and boosting international business. With so many free zones present, doing business in the UAE has never been more enthralling. In basic words, ‘Free Zone’ signifies an exceptional economic zone where entrepreneurs get the advantage of keeping 100% business proprietorship and appreciate tax exclusions.

Business setup in UAE Free zone operations is made easier with the assistance of professional service providers because of their expertise and experience in this particular field. By streamlining the entire registration and administrative procedure, AMA can guide you through free zone business set up in the UAE so that you can focus on accelerating your business.

The free zone in UAE provides a regulated and secure business environment which boosts the economy, stimulate foreign investment, and help new entrepreneurs grow faster, paving the way for the development of UAE free zone companies.

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