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  • Information assurance

Information assurance (IA) is the practice of assuring information and managing risks related to the use, processing, storage and transmission of information. Information assurance includes protection of the integrity, availability, authenticity, non-repudiation and confidentiality of user data.   Undetected loopholes in the network can lead to unauthorized access, editing, copying or deleting of valuable information. This is where information assurance plays a key role.

The practice of managing risks related to usage, processing, storing, and transmitting information is called Information Assurance. The process assures that the user data is protected, and its authenticity is maintained. There are all kinds of data breaches happening around the IT world, and these incidents can be caused through viruses, trojan worms, phishing attacks, etc.

At AMA, we consolidate every possible service offering that will enable the Information Assurance queries your customer have for you. Being your Information Assurance partner, we can design lot of concept phases of your program, guide you throughout the entire program life cycle, i.e., from the design to the system disposal.

  • Risk Assessment

IT Risk Assessment is the process for identifying existing flaws in the IT ecosystem that threatens the data and network security of an organization. Based on the value of the data resource for the organization, this activity suggests countermeasures to reduce the risk to a feasible level.

AMA’s expert IT Auditors can help you analyze potential threats and vulnerabilities to your IT infrastructure and help you assess and evaluate the concerned threat and their potential impact on things like data availability, confidentiality & integrity. Based on our inputs, appropriate countermeasures can then be taken to correct these issues, reducing the risks & the potential impact of any breach.

An IT risk management program is designed based on the understanding of the impact of information security risks from an organization’s perspective. The risk management process formally includes identifying, assessing & responding to such impending risks. Most probably, Risk assessment is the first step in risk management, as it provides insights into the authenticity and effectiveness of your IT security measures and will be the guiding benchmark for your future policy and control measures.

  • Cyber security

At AMA, we enable our clients to take a strategic approach towards cybersecurity, thus reducing risks associated with the same. We can help you with aligning your security program to achieve specific business outcomes, by unveiling our full suite of strategy or technology service capabilities. We believe that we possess in-depth information and has the required technical expertise related to both Information and Operational technologies to meet information security challenges.

AMA, has helped small, medium, and large companies achieve cybersecurity mechanisms in their ecosystem. We serve companies across industries including Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Trading, Retail, Energy and governmental organizations.

  • Business continuity plan

The impact of natural disaster or a major data breach, may cause any company to lose out on their thousand’s clients and employees.  Hence, a good business continuity plan is required for every company.

AMA’s business continuity plan/ process in UAE process undergoes continuous testing in real scenarios and it is constantly being updated. This has allowed us to constantly improve ourselves with the best-in-class practices. The package includes detailed real field level databases, lists which are being used currently in the field.

At AMA, we believe in setting high benchmarks for ourselves. This is evident from our extensive International Business Compliance Certification such as the ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management Systems).

  • VAPT

Vulnerability & Penetrating testing (VAPT) are incredibly relevant and essential for any companies be it small, medium, or large. It allows them to be defiant against legitimate cyber-attacks and helps them identify their vulnerabilities and compromised areas. This test will involve highlighting the vulnerabilities all your technology assets, right from servers, computers to firewalls and networks, etc.

Our experts at AMA try to simulate the handling of real-world scenarios of phishing attacks through definite tactics, techniques and procedures. Through these tests, we make an assessment on how healthy your cybersecurity mechanisms are and how you can prevent infiltrations and phishing attacks from hackers and bots. We provide feedback on the routes and scenarios that cause the most risk for your company or application. Our team at AMA, think out of the box, simulating what real-world attacker would plan and try and get into your system. The feedback given by our team can help your organization in designing and prioritizing any future security investment.

  • ISO compliance

At AMA, we provide help in obtaining various ISO certifications and help you to get compliant in the same. ISO or the International Standards Organization is an independent body which provides standards of the organization, the quality, safety and efficiency of the services or products from a business can be defined as a standard.

These standards are extremely crucial to regulate business practices and maintaining industrial quality output for products and services. ISO certifications bring in standardization across businesses corresponding to processes, production controls, service, products, quality, etc. ISO has published more than 21,584 standards and has members in 162 countries, and 788 technical bodies for standard development.

  • Data privacy and security

Organizations give predominant importance to increased privacy regulations; stakeholder’s profitability demands and the changing consumer privacy expectations. As a result, the emphasis on personal data is growing and the companies are facing complicated reputational, regulatory and data privacy risk environment.

With the constant guidance of AMA’s professionals, you can be better prepared to face your future with assurance. We can help you implement techniques to prevent multiple levels of data loss, and help you align with any government instructed data protection laws or frameworks. Every data is important for the company, be it your clients, employees, IP related or your bank account related. We will help you classify your data to identify risks, gaps, weaknesses, etc. along with opportunities for improvement if any. We can also identify and assess your current data security policies and suggests improvements regarding the same.

  • Gap analysis service

For any organization, it is extremely important to identify any areas of weakness within the Business Continuity capabilities. Such weakness can increase the chance of more disruptive and major incidents happening. Moreover, the actual level of business performance will be mapped by the desired level of performance, and there should be mechanisms for need assessment to determine whether the business requirements are being met by your IT solutions. 

Our experts at AMA can help determine such areas of weakness and identify which is that area that would be vulnerable to attacks. Such processes help in ensuring the company’s Business continuity arrangements, keeping up with the ever-changing business scenarios. We can also help you identify their performance gaps in policies, technology, security, processes, and strategies. The analysis will also throw light on how to bridge such gaps and take remedial actions towards the same.

  • ADHICS & NABIDH compliances

ADHICS – Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber security

Department of Health, Abu Dhabi (DoH) launched the Abu Dhabi Healthcare Information and Cyber Security (ADHICS) Standard as a comprehensive guide to the regulation of healthcare data in Abu Dhabi.

AMA’s team of proficient IT Audit & Assessment experts will provide you with all necessary guidance to set or modify your operations to be in compliance with ADHICS norms. From advisory services, to perform basic groundwork needs, our team can guide you in the incorporation of government regulations in your company as well as assist you with all post-incorporation guidelines.

The National Backbone for Integrated Dubai Health (NABIDH), is a health information exchange platform brought by Dubai Health Authority which is now becoming mandatory compliance for Dubai’s public and private healthcare network to follow. We at AMA, can help you in adhering to the compliance framework suggested by NABIDH and provide necessary guidance in upgrading your operations in compliance with the same.

Identifying the vulnerable critical assets & various business services that are prone to attack is the first step we undertake in any healthcare institution. Since the patient data is highly confidential and sensitive, it is important to understand the issues and formulate a Risk treatment plan.

To assess the threats and possible vulnerable loopholes in the system, gap analysis is conducted and certain cybersecurity controls are mapped and proposed. The NABIDH compliance checks are done, and controls are developed to eliminate any impending risks. The management and operational controls are completely reviewed, scrutinized and upgraded based on NABIDH recommendations. A self-assessment audit is conducted across a series of processes. Our AMA team also conducts awareness and training programs in cybersecurity, risk assessment and other NABIDH related compliances for your employees.

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