Forensic Accounting and Fraud Detection

Forensic accounting is conducted in a firm for examining the financial statements and records and utilizing such audit reports as evidence in a court of law or for any kind of legal proceedings.

The main objective of forensic accounting services is to prosecute any party who is involved in fraud, malpractices, or embezzlement. Forensic audits can also be conducted to regain public confidence which may be reduced due to false allegations imposed by other parties on the firm.

AMA provides high-quality investigations on various financial matters, including fraud detection. Our wide industry exposure allows us to dive deeply into all the accounting and various financial records, by asking the right questions, assessing the fairness of any claim or report and drawing out meaningful and valid interpretations for the management teams.

Frauds, business disputes, contract compliance issues, regulatory inquiries and large-scale transactions can all lead to major issues and can quickly lose control and cause critical damages. AMA is always ready to meet the challenges of its clients and help them to tackle it in the best possible way.

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