Internal Audit & Compliance

Internal auditing services are recommended to identify any weakness in internal controls, operational efficiency or regulatory compliance. Internal auditing is performed by Certified Internal Auditors, who have in-depth knowledge of internal controls, process & system. It ensures that the company is on the right track by improving risk management & follow international & local guidelines.

AMA conducts internal audit on organizational governance, risk management, management controls, the efficiency of financial management, fraud investigation & establishing the loss, and any other audit where the scope of the work falls within our strengths. 

Our Internal Auditors work within an organization to keep an eye on the day-to-day business operations.  AMA offers internal auditing services to identify risk and advice the improvement procedure to help any business achieve their goals.

We understand the burden that internal audit will bring on your management and so, our experts are glad to assist your company in achieving your desired goals and benchmarks. Our reports, tactics, and strategies are tailored as per the requirements of clients.

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