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For implementing a business in UAE each company, branch or representation requires local sponsorship of United Arab Emirates national. The local sponsor (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES NATIONAL) will not interfere in any of the company’s activities or financial matters he is only acting as the role of a “LOCAL SPONSOR” which is the primary requirement for establishing a Business in Abu Dhabi. AMA provides Local sponsorship for foreign companies and expats in order for them to obtain their commercial license as it is required by law.

PRO services can be quite time consuming and complex, but are highly demanded service across UAE. It is important for all the companies operating in Abu Dhabi to obtain the PRO services which cover all activities associated with the processing of governmental documents and managing paperwork like visa applications, company trade licensing documentation and approvals, and labor cards.

Our vast experience in the field of local sponsorship & PRO helps us the make the process flawless. Our all-inclusive PRO services include new visa application, visa application renewal, company license approval, Immigration and Labor card renewal, EJARI registration, dependent visas etc and more. Our professional experts at AMA with vast industry experience and know-how, assist you by submitting your documents on-time with accuracy and consistency, making the whole process quicker and more cost-effective.

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