ADNOC, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, is a global leader in the energy industry and a major contributor to the UAE’s economy. If you are a business looking to collaborate with ADNOC and become an approved supplier, it is crucial to understand the process of ADNOC registration. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key requirements, necessary documents, and step-by-step process of ADNOC vendor registration in the UAE.

Table of Contents
Introduction to ADNOC
Key Requirements for ADNOC Supplier Registration
Documents Required for ADNOC Supplier Registration
The ADNOC Registration Process
1. Register and Activate SAP Ariba Account
2. Accessing ADNOC Registration Portal
3. Submission Review by ADNOC
4. Pre-Qualification Stage
5. Acceptance as an ADNOC Vendor
What AMA Audit Tax Advisory do with ADNOC Registration?

1. Introduction to ADNOC

ADNOC, established in 1971, operates in all areas of the oil and gas industry and has expanded its activities to create an integrated oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi. ADNOC has 15 subsidiaries, including ADCO, ADMA-OPCO, GASCO, ADGAS, ZADCO, TAKREER, and more. As a top oil-producing company, ADNOC holds a significant position in the market and has stringent criteria when it comes to selecting vendors and suppliers.

2. Key Requirements for ADNOC Supplier Registration

Before starting the ADNOC vendor registration process, it is important to ensure that your company meets the key requirements set by ADNOC:

  • Mainland Abu Dhabi DED License: Your company should have a Mainland Abu Dhabi DED License, which can be in the form of an LLC or Foreign Branch.
  • Supreme Petroleum Council (SPC) Approval: Your Trade License needs to obtain SPC Approval.
  • Activities Match: The activities listed on your License should match the services and products you intend to provide to ADNOC.

It is advisable to check the Work/Product list provided by ADNOC to ensure that your license activities align with their requirements. AMA  Audit Tax Advisory can assist you in reviewing and adjusting your activities if necessary.

3. Documents Required for ADNOC Supplier Registration

To complete the ADNOC vendor registration process, you will need to provide the following company details:

  1. Company License
  2. VAT Registration details (TRN Number)
  3. Company size, number of employees, and address
  4. Financial Audit from the past 2 years (if applicable)
  5. ISO Certification
  6. Ministry of Labor list of all Abu Dhabi employees, including an Organization chart
  7. Ownership details (of all shareholders and UBOs)
  8. Management information and contact details – Notarized GM POA and GM signature proof

In addition to these documents, ADNOC may require an interview with the general manager of the company to discuss the services or products directly. It is crucial to provide accurate and relevant documentation to meet the threshold requirements for ADNOC vendor registration.

4. The ADNOC Registration Process

The ADNOC registration process follows a structured journey to ensure that vendors and service providers meet ADNOC’s standards. Let’s explore the step-by-step process of ADNOC vendor registration:

Step 1: Register and Activate SAP Ariba Account

The first step is to create and activate the SAP Ariba Account. This account provides access to ADNOC’s Commercial Directory, which is essential for initiating the registration process. Setting up this account is crucial to proceed further with ADNOC registration.

Step 2: Accessing ADNOC Registration Portal

Once the SAP Ariba Account is active, you can access the ADNOC Registration portal using the Ariba account number. This is where you will submit all the necessary company documents and information required by ADNOC for vendor qualification.

Step 3: Submission Review by ADNOC

After submitting the company documents and information, there is a review period of approximately one week. ADNOC’s experts will carefully review the submission and assess the eligibility based on the provided information. If your submission is successful, ADNOC will contact you to proceed to the next stage.

Step 4: Pre-Qualification Stage

A crucial phase of the ADNOC vendor registration procedure is the Pre-Qualification stage. You will be required to provide examples of at least three projects your company has previously completed. ADNOC may also ask for more specific technical data regarding the proposed goods or services.  This stage helps ADNOC ensure that your business has the necessary experience and expertise to meet their standards.

Step 5: Acceptance as an ADNOC Vendor

If you successfully pass the Pre-Qualification stage, you will be officially accepted as an approved vendor for ADNOC. Your company will be listed on ADNOC’s Supplier list, making it visible to ADNOC project managers and procurement teams. This recognition opens doors to potential collaborations and opportunities within the ADNOC network.

5. How  can AMA Audit Tax Advisory assist with your ADNOC Registration?

The process of ADNOC vendor registration can be lengthy and complex, with no guarantee of approval. AMA Audit Tax Advisory is here to assist you throughout the vendor registration process and ensure that you meet all the requirements. Our team of experts will guide you in gathering the necessary documentation and navigating the various stages of registration. With our assistance, you can streamline the process and increase your chances of becoming an approved ADNOC vendor.

If you require any assistance with ADNOC vendor registration or any other related company setup, restructuring,  please feel free to contact AMA Audit Tax Advisory at +97126752685. You can also email us at or visit our website for more information.

Remember, ADNOC is a prestigious organization, and being an approved vendor can open doors to lucrative opportunities. Take the necessary steps today to register as an ADNOC vendor and position your business for success in the dynamic energy industry of Abu Dhabi.

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