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Within the UAE, the ICV program was introduced for suppliers of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) at the beginning of 2018. Since 2019, the program has expanded to cover different governmental and semi-governmental entities including Aldar Properties, Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, Mubadala Investment Company, and Abu Dhabi Ports under a Unified Certification Process.

Recently, The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) has taken over the ICV certification process. Businesses must now complete an ICV assessment as part of their partnership with MoIAT, which will form part of the tender evaluations and award process. The new strategy is procurement led and designed to increase MoIAT’s ICV contribution. In order to do this, they will be focusing on the selection of local suppliers, the development of UAE nationals, and the localization of critical functionalities in the oil and gas industry. Our ICV consultants help to improve any business by giving national/international exposure and collaboration to ramp up your business and its outlook. We support financial progress and AMA has the best consultants rendering great services for resolving all the obstacles coming to the success of your business. Our ICV consultancy services not only certify your business but also reviews the after-effects and offer the desired solution. In other words, we always serve our clients with the best services to ensure that they achieve their desired results. We make an ICV improvement plan to work systematically for better inferences.

ICV Audit

ICV Audit in the UAE verify your commitment to supporting the local economy. By analyzing spending and investments, they calculate your ICV score, unlocking access to government contracts and tenders. Secure your business future and embrace sustainable growth with a successful ICV Audit.

Key metrics to determine the ICV score

The ICV score of a company reflects its value-add within the UAE economy. Moreover, the ICV score is represented as a percentage. Availing ICV Certification services in Dubai can make things easier for companies. The authorities determine the ICV score of companies based on the following parameters:

  • Goods Manufactured
  • Third-Party Spend
  • Investment
  • Investment – Top-up
  • Manpower – Emiratization
  • Manpower – Expats
  • Additional Bonus – Revenue from Outside UAE, Emirati Head Count & Investment Growth

Direct ICV

Direct ICV is the percentage of a company’s expenditure on UAE-based goods and services. This includes:

  • Procurement of goods and services from UAE-based suppliers
  • Salaries paid to Emirati employees
  • Investment in UAE-based assets
  • Expenditure on UAE-based services, such as transportation, utilities, and professional services

Indirect ICV

Indirect ICV is the percentage of a company’s expenditure that is indirectly retained within the UAE economy. This includes:

  • Expenditure on expatriate salaries
  • Expenditure on training and development of Emirati employees
  • Expenditure on research and development in the UAE
  • Expenditure on corporate social responsibility initiatives in the UAE

Additional Bonus Points

In addition to Direct ICV and Indirect ICV, companies can also earn additional bonus points for:

  • Generating revenue from outside the UAE
  • Increasing the number of Emirati employees in the company
  • Growing the value of their UAE-based assets

ICV Score Calculation

The ICV score is calculated using the following formula:

ICV Score = (Direct ICV + Indirect ICV + Additional Bonus Points) / 100

A company with an ICV score of 70% or higher is considered to be a high-ICV company. Companies with high ICV scores are eligible for a number of benefits, such as:

  • Preference in government tenders and procurements
  • Reduced fees for government services
  • Access to government funding and support programs

The ICV score is a key metric for companies operating in the UAE. By demonstrating a high level of ICV, companies can enhance their reputation, gain access to new opportunities, and contribute to the UAE’s economic development.

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